Mini Drone H8C F183 Altitude Challenge – City Hall 683 Feet Mobius Cam Aerial View (use bearing)04:12

I tried to fly a 250mm axial-length small quadcopter DFD F183 / JJRC H8C carrying the wide-angle Mobius actioncam over Chung Hsing City Hall and challenge its distance of remote control. Someone said the motors of H8C might burn fast, so I use ball bearing for H8C and the motors are still healthy till now. After comparing with its angle to the building and the location on google map, the altitude can be calculated by trigonometric functions. And the calculated flying altitude 208.405 meters or 683.743 feet (as high as 68th floor)! This time I didn’t use headless mode but keep the quadcopter forward to check its direction even in high altitude and this makes the video become more stable. The quality of 1080p Mobius actioncam is also much better than the default camera of H8C.
PS: I use ball bearings for H8C and its motors are still alive after 30 high flight. And I’ll keep observe the condition of its motors.

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