Mobula7 Speed Test – The Fastest 2S Whoop? Race Drone Radar Speed Test06:37

The most popular question, HOW FAST. We take the Happy Model Mobula 7 and do a few Speed Tests on 2S and 1S. We only had enough daylight and packs to do a few runs, but the results were consistent with other drones we have tested.

Please note, the Mobula 7 is NOT for beginners, this is NOT a toy, if you are starting out into the hobby or want a FPV Drone Racer, please review the video below, We in fact did break our Mobula 7 during the 1st speed run. The mobula 7 is not a very durable quad and should stay out of the hands of the beginner. – with that being said, have fun!

Happy Model Mobula 7 (Yes Ships from Atlanta, GA)

ET115 V2 – The MOST Durable quad we recommend for those just staring out ( be sure to check out our combo packages for the KingKong Series)

Pocket Radar

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