New Giant Cyclone Quadcopter from WL Toys, Carries Gopro 306:04

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The WL Toys V262 “Cyclone” Quadcopter is the perfect machine for those curious about quadcopters and drones. Designed with simplicity in mind, it is light weight and its flight characteristics benefit from this design feature. Constructed of durable materials and graphite booms the light weight enhances the crafts power to weight ratio. The 4 rotors are driven by 4 motors protected in plastic housings. The rotors are also gear driven which relieves the stress on the motors. The rotor blades are also protected by a molded foam shell that absorbs impacts and protects the blades during collisions with obstacles. The V262 handles exceptionally well. With the help of an on board gyro and adjustable control sensitivity, the V262 is perfect for pilots of different skill level and ages. This drone is agile, and it has the ability to do flips and tricks. With the push of a button on the transmitter the aircraft enter “trick mode” allowing the pilot to do flips and rolls. The WL Toys V262 transmitter features a 2.4ghz radio system. This means you don’t have to worry about signal interference and you have the ability to fly many of these at one time.

The V262 Quad Copter is the newest machine from WL Toys. Its design will allow you to fly faster and be more agile in the air. The drone can be flown indoors or outdoors on calm days.

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