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I’m a building this hexacopter. There’s this beeping ESC motors. I spent countless hours looking for solution. Somehow I just can’t get motors spinning.
Please help.
Here is the list of part that I have for the drone.

– Pixhawk 4

–  Holybro Transceiver Telemetry Radio modules V3 Set 915Mhz / 433Mhz RP-SMA modules 

– 1355 carbon propeller

–  Motors: Tarot Brushless Disc Motor 4108 380KV 6S                  

Model : 4108

KV : 380kv

Stator diamater : 40.6mm

Stator height : 8mm

Stator : 24N

Poles : 22P

Motor shaft : 4mm

Dimension : Φ46×24mm

Weight : 93g

Idle current (A) : 0.5A

LiPo : 6S

Max thrust : 1620g

Internal resistence : 135mΩ

Mounting : 32mm circle

here is link to the product website (Motors) for specifications :—       http://www.tarotrc.com/Product/Detail.aspx?Lang=en&Id=29c43b2f-b8c9-415e-a1ed-deb668749166

–  ESC: Hobbywing XRotor Brushless ESC 2-6S 40A SimonK No BEC High Refresh for 4-Axis 6-Axis Multi-Axis Electric Adjustment    Specification  of  ESC

                    Input: 2-6S lithium power

                    Continuous current: 40A

                    Instantaneous current: 60A (10 seconds)

                    Size: 68*25*8.7mm

                    Weight: 26G

                    BEC Output: None

                    Plug: 3.5mm Banana Plug

                    Programmable Projects: Increment Angle: High/Middle

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