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Grab one right now.

I found this area recently and flew my Electric Paramotor here. Saw this huge billboard and realized this is a perfect FPV Free Styling place. Pulled my Diatone 2018 GT-M3 out and went for some dancing around this giant billboard. In the end a little bump took the battery out and left the drone on ground but overall I had fun. I have to revisit it with Eachine TS215 Pro possibly.

Diatone 2018 GT is a Plus (Crucifix) Configuration Mini FPV Racing drone with an fast and furious attitude. With its Brushless power combo, this little beast can offer Jaw dropping speeds in a fraction of seconds. This little FPV Racing drone for sure needs steel balls to handle. On a 4S battery it offers insane punch of power and speeds that you will be clenching your bum cheeks. Your thumbs needs to have Jedi reflexes to control GT-M3 at those serious speeds.

I had doubts on how well a plus configuration will fly and if it will be stable FPV racing platform or not. Not anymore. Right after I put this beast in the air with video goggles on and a 4S strapped to it, I knew this is going to be my top of the list personal favorite mini brushless FPV Racing drone. And I am damn right about it.

Diatone 2018 GT-M3 has some serious specs on it. Running 4000kv brushless motors, 25A DSHOT 600A ESCs, F4 32K Flight Controller, RunCam Swift Micro FPV Camera and TBS Unify Pro 5.8ghz Video Transmitter, this Feisty little beast is going to sate your thrust for speed and racing for a long time.

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