Prop TOP SPEED shootout more pitch= more SPEED? 6s15:09

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This was a fun test that I had to do a few times over to get rid of most variables as I could. I was blown away by the difference the pitch of the prop, and the different designs of props make in the top speed of a racing quad.

quad as tested:
CMW Merica –
Hypetrain Ummagawd 2150kv-
Spektrum ix12 with diversity rx-
RF Revolt FC and bolt 4in1 ESC-
Runcam Micro swift-
tbs unify race vtx
DAL Cyclone c5045-
Hq 5×4.3×3 V1s –×4-3×3-v1s-pc-propeller/
Gemfan 5152 tri and bi blade –

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