Pushing The Range With The Micro Race Quad – No Edit04:28

Full flight with the 140mm 3″ race drone, frame from iFlight. Getting out there and through some trees, surprised how well the video held out.

Full size betaflight FC and PDB from Matek.
Used the iFlight Force motor and esc bundle kit, 24a esc’s and 1407 3500kv screaming motors.
Also used a full size Runcam Owl Plus 2 and 600mw Boscam vtx 🙂

Running 1300mah 4s 120c GNB insane packs, so much scream. Love the sound of the motors, almost as much as my 5″.

Full open acro mode, no failsafes, accelerometer disabled.


Quadcopter: Custom build 3″ race quad using iFlight 140mm V3 frame (thicker 4mm lower, also upgraded fasteners and aluminum knurled standoffs)
PDB: RealAcc 5-in-1 3-5s
FC: SP Racing F3 Acro Pro Betaflight
ESC: iPower blheli_32 24A Motors: iFlight 1407 3500kv
FPV Camera: RunCam Owl Plus 2 16:9 140deg 2.1mm
VTX: Boscam 600mw
Batteries: GNB 1300mah 120c 4s
TX: FlySky i6 FPV
Goggles: Eachine EV800D
Antennas: TBS Triumph
DVR Receiver: Eachine RC840

Quad total weight without battery: 238g
Lipo battery weight: 155g (wrapped)

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