Range Test Eachine E010 vs E011 vs E012 vs H8 Micro Quadcopter With Antenna Mod Part 2 of The Review05:32

Testing the Range Between the Eachine E010 vs E011 vs E012 and H8 3D Micro Quadcopter that have a simple and cheap antenna range mod

The description says all mini drones have a maximum of 30 meters range luckily it’s minimal double that amount Straight out of the box

by doing a cheap range mod by simply drilling a little opening in the canopy for the antenna stand up straight you upgrade the range by 100%

Doubling the amount and extending it to a whopping 130meters
Perfect for Flying FPV in a park without losing signal straight away after the first tree

Still, you need to be very careful flying your mini drone without a beeper to far away

Because they are micro size making it really hard to recover
There is one trick to locate your lost drone is by using your transmitter and hope it binds with the quadcopter if you’re in range

Then by throttling up, you must listen for a sound of the motors and props to locate your lost drone..if you’re lucky!

be careful if your motors can’t spin by the grass you run the risk of over heating the motors or ESC burning out the FC and create magic smoke that while be turning into a bush fire and making it easier to locate but won’t do you any good

That’s also one of the reasons why we made this video
So you don’t have to run the risk of losing you mini drone and make a fire
with the range mod, you just stay in range of 100 meters and you be safe in most outdoor places

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This is How To DIY Rc wishing you a lot of Rc Fun
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This was an another episode How To DIY Rc wishing you a lot of Rc Fun
Hope you In Joy this Video and Give it a Like & Subscribe https://goo.gl/PmPkm9
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