The Lynchpin Project – respect and disrespect vs. the reality15:13
Terrence Howard offers $15000 to make a lynchpin fly with multirotor parts, Joshua Bardwell announces the project, and today Drone Mesh says that this whole affair disrespects the community. If this does not sound like a drama, then I don’t know what does.
Let’s talk about the part of the community that does not feel disrespected, is this worth the money ($15000 is not that much), can this be done in around 1.5 months, and what exactly has to be done.
If you decide to participate in the lynchpin, here are some practical pointers as well: standard PID, gyro, accelerometer, and a dynamic mixer.

Joshua Bardwell video:
Drone Mesh video:
The Lynchpin project web page

Completely off topic: $45 in Rotor Riot store for a few 3D printed parts and sticks for the frame model is quite a lot to be honest. But it’s my personal opinion.


0:00 Intro
0:08 Bardwell announces lynchpin
1:22 My take on the project
2:40 Drone Mesh response
2:56 Who is disrespected?
5:18 Technical challenges and pointers
12:49: Summary
14:48 Outro

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Recommended hardware:

Pirx Seven Cruiser
Pirx 5 Freestyle
Pirx 56 hexacopter

Avenger v2 2507
XING 2806.5
Racestar BR2508S
iFlight XING 2208

Matek SAM-M8Q
BN-880 GPS
BN-180 GPS

Flight controllers
Holybro Kakute F7
Matek F411 Wing SE
Mamba F722S stack
Matek F722 Wing
Matek F722 SE

Foxeer T-Rex
Foxeer Toothless 2
Rush Tank VTX
Matek 5.8G VTX
Caddx Tarsier HD camera
GoPro Hero 7 Black

Xiaomi Electric Screwdriver
N1201SA VSWR meter
Uni-T UT210E clamp meter
Uni-T UT373 tachometer

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