World’s Fastest Drone: 14 of the speed of sound at 163 mph faster than a sports car.01:26

World’s Fastest Drone: 1/4 of the speed of sound at 163 mph faster than a sports car.

The DRL Drones Racing League has made a record with the special design of four batteries quadcopter remote control. Normal drones are only capable of reaching speeds of around 40 miles per hour per hour. The fastest Drone in the world has made a speed record that is ¼ of the speed of sound. In a record last week, the Drone Racing League has achieved a new drone speed record of 163.5 mph. To put it in perspective, it is not quite up to the fastest sports cars in the world, but it is, however, exceeded virtually every vehicle seen on the road.

The DRL RacerX Drone Racing League was handcrafted by Ryan Gury, who serves as Product Director for the DRL, and a team of dedicated engineers who feel a similar need for speed. Its four-speed semicircle weighs just 800 grams and runs on a 42V power train and 1,300 mAh polymer lithium batteries. However, there was a little trial and error involved in building the fastest racing aircraft. According to their manufacturers, the earliest drone prototypes burst into flames when hitting the highest point of speed. But the finished product runs on two 1,300 mAh lithium-polymer batteries, a 42 V power train and weighs just 800 g.

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