Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE Maiden Flight Test Review – [Lots of Pros Lots of Cons]38:30

Enjoy my Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE Maiden Flight Test Review as I explore the pros & Cons. Get the FIMI X8 here https://goo.gl/DmNGCQ use code 01F59B for $75 off!

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Cinematic 4K Hawaii Coastline Test:

Residential Range Test:

Country Range Test, No Interference/No Boosters:

Maiden Flight Review:

Flight Review Part 2, More Smart Functions:


Stay tuned and subscribe for the rest of this multipart series. We’ll do more flight testing going through all the options and flight modes. More range tests to see how far it will go in rural areas with no interference. Also see how it is at cinematic video in good and low light.

Aloha, – Dustin & Sanaiya
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