6S Mini Quad DVR – Cliff Coast – Runcam Micro Eagle FPV Camera02:12

I’ve been asked many times to upload some DVR footage of my 6S quad, to show current draw and voltage during flight. So here you go!

A little bit shaky due to the high wind 🙂 but it was lots of fun flying over water lol 😀

My Mini Quad build: https://oscarliang.com/amaxinno-5-racing-drone-frame/
Why 6S might be better than 4S: https://oscarliang.com/6s-mini-quad-racing-drone/


A little bit about the audio in the video…

This video should have been in HD, but I accidentally set the wrong settings on the Gopro and the footage all went overexposed…

But they weren’t totally useless, I separated the audio from them and put them over my DVR video… Bang! DVR video has never been more alive 😀

The Gopro turned into a giant onboard microphone in the end…

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