Cinematic FPV Reel 2021 – (Mitchell x Tantago)03:22

After years of flying, crashing, and everything in between I could not be more stoked to be dropping the first FPV Reel. Picking up FPV as a hobby at the end of 2018 I quickly became addicted to the fast pace and flow induced art of drone flying. Incredibly grateful to be surrounded by a community of film loving and creative friends to keep pushing each other to new heights.

One afternoon Keane and I came up with the idea to do a collab reel after joking how crazy of a video we could make if we combined all of our footage over the years.
Co-Edited, Shot, Directed, Designed, Filmed

Filmed By:
Mitchell Mullins
IG | @mitchell_mullins

Keane Luong
IG | @Tantago

Special Thanks to:
Morgan Oliver-Allen, Sam Kolder, Ghaith Al Falasi, Dylan Bradshaw / Karl Shakur / Alex Costaelyse Elyse Zamora, Zane Zamora, Rob Strok,
Anthony Oshinuga, Cory Martin, Sam Newton, Tucker Doss, Matt Dennison / Michael Gray
, Fahima Falaknaz / Grace Erickson

Aether (Juelz & Heimanu Remix)

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    1. Tantago
    2. Ian Agrimis
    3. Rod Herzstrom
    4. Ellis van Jason
    5. Austin Mital-Skiff
    6. shubham dodiya
    7. Octavio
    8. KwadLife
    9. Christopher Feller
    10. MDP WORLD
    11. Zachary Salter
    12. Benn TK
    13. Nevin Abraham
    14. antler fpv
    15. ItsAnEditingThing101
    16. Lynn Thant Naing
    18. Gevorg Matevosyan
    19. Alexandre FPV
    20. Reality Breaker
    21. Audric Prod
    22. Cristian Payret
    23. Sanath SP
    24. Y-Visions
    25. Miran FPV
    26. dee_fpv

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