Delivering Candy to Kids with RC FPV Car10:33

RC Car:
3D printer:
TPU filament:
FPV screen:

Hi internet! I hope this made you smile as much as it made me smile. Even though the idea of delivering candy is silly, the project was highly challenging; the camera mount, battery holders, learning more about frequencies and how antennas work.

I 3D printed the battery holders using TPU filament and it worked great, it even held up after many crashes. I also printed the FPV camera holder and attached it to a servo so I could rotate the camera to look around while driving.

The basic setup of this was to use a FPV camera and a video transmitter to drive a radio controlled car beyond line of sight. The car carried candy that was revealed by a servo opening a box. It was also equipped with LED lights controlled by a multiswitch. Everything was controlled using a 12 channel radio (also called transmitter).

Beautiful Cinematic Music – Beyond
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