Fastest 3 Consecutive Laps – AU Drone Nationals Qualifier 201801:30

The fastest 3 consecutive qualifying laps for the Australian Drone Nationals Qualifier 2018. Even though it wasn’t a requirement for Thomas to do the qualifying track for the Australian Drone Nationals he had two goes at it.

First time was at Eastside FPV where he set the fastest qualifying lap and 3 consecutive laps. Most would have been happy with getting the fastest qualifying time in Australia but that still wasn’t enough for Thomas. The last Victorian Qualifying session was held at MMRC where Thomas had two aims, qualifying with 3 laps that were sub 22 seconds and an even faster single lap.

He managed to achieve a 21.77 for three consecutive laps but couldn’t break into the sub 7 second lap, just missing out with a 7.15. Irrespective this is what the fastest 3 consecutive laps looked like. Even though at the time of this video we had the HDO, they were not used since he couldn’t risk using them in this scenario.

Now that official Club Qualifying is completed throughout Australia, it’s time for Video Submissions! Good luck to everyone doing a Video Submission for 2018, hope to see you in Perth later this year.

Note: Camera Lens was damaged and hence for the soft look of the video.

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