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Discussing the direct impact gear has on your flight style and progression as an FPV Pilot. How to choose the perfect Frame, Motors, Props and FPV Cam for YOU to become a better drone pilot and have more fun all while not wasting your time and money on the HYPE Cycle!

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My Main Setup:
New Props:
MOTORS Karearea TOA –
Best CMOS FPV Cam 4:3/16:9 Switchable
Best Hero 5/6/7/8 Camera Butter ND FILTERS
Best Session ND Filter
Use these Lighter Al 7075 Frame Screws
Favorite 6s Lipo Ovonic1000mah
4s Lipo
Cut your own Landing Pads
Restock of Ummagrip Raw Material – Sorbothane Roll
Hero8 Mount
Jello Guard for Hero8 Mount
Smaller Capacitor I Use Now

ALL Kwads use this STACK
BRAIN 20×20 FC- (Unbelievably good)
AIKON 32bit 20×20 6s ESC (unpoppable)
Unbelievably Versatile 20×20 RUSH 800mw VTX

SD Card Holder-
Best Dual Charger-
Best Value Charger Bundle-
PowerGiant Automatic Hex Driver
Prop Tool –
Best Soldering Iron (Portable Too!)

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