FPV drone Pitts Special – Cold Slumber flight11:09

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Looks who’s back..its the good ol’ Pitts Special return back from slumber. 7 years of services started to put too much strain on its FPV parts, antennas and air frame started to show signs of wear and rusts on metallic parts. I decided to give a spin for the day to see how it goes through beautiful cold windy slumber weather….surprise it still have the will power to fly high up into the skies as usual, well except for twitchy camera’s pan servo. Overall it still can handle a good rough altitude flight and hopefully live for extended lifespan. Maybe hoping will bring the Pitts out again for ocean flight if i’m not busy in the future. Yeah i got lots of cool project but i will never forget about my beloved Pitts…and also my Mustang ..and my Drifter.. hehehehe..

For more information about the plane setup visit my plane build at: http://www.supermotoxl.com

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