Part 1 – X220 Rebuild (FrankenWiz Loses Weight)
This is our 1st video in the series HOW TO BUILD FPV 5 INCH RACE DRONE. In this video, we rebuild our Eachine Wizard X220 5 Inch Race Drone at the beginning of the New Year with a resolution to help it shed some weight! We start with the frame base plate and work through each and every step of the build in detail using speed-enhanced video without sacrificing important build steps. Additionally, we have included captions in several places throughout the video to further highlight and explain the steps being performed and why they are being performed. Our hope is you will find this short 5 Inch Build tutorial helpful in the construction of your very own FPV Racer! Thanks for Watching!
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SpeedyFPV Flight Controller Mount Adapter:
M3x30mm Standoff Spacer:
M3x25mm Standoff Spacer
Motor Guard Protector Cap:
Motor Spacer Shock Absorber Pads (Soft Mounts):
Hotusi M2 M2.5 M3 M4 M5 (Total 270pcs) Nylon Screw / Nut / Washer Assortment Kit Come with Plastic Box:
2mm Screw Set:
Airbot Ori32 4 in 1 ESC: OR
Foxeer Falkor Micro Camera:
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External Microphone Tiny High-Sensitive:
DALPROP Cyclone 5046C Props:
Foxeer Falkor Micro FPV Camera:
FRSKY R-XSR Full Telemetry Diversity Receiver:
Actuna Gem RHCP MMCX 5.8GHz Antenna:
MG Chemicals 63/37 Rosin Core Leaded Solder, 0.032″ Diameter:
Loctite Blue 242 Threadlocker:

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Hawkeye Firefly HD 1080P Micro Action Camera: OR
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DROGRACE Action Camera WP 350:
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Quads – FlexRC Ascent X 2.5, Diatone GT R90, Custom Eachine Wizard X220, QX-65

Irish Tin Whistle — Celtic/Dance
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Forged By Fire: A Celtic Battle Theme. Royalty/Copyright Free
An Epic, Celtic Battle theme inspired by the story of Willam Wallace. Composed by Moustro 2015

Undertale – Spider Dance (Party in Backyard Remix x Goblins from Mars):

0:00 Intro
0:47 Weight Comparison Old and New Components
4:05 Flight Controller Stack 30×30 to 20×20 Mount Adaptor Install
6:02 ESC Install
7:14 Motors and Soft Mounts Install
8:58 ESC Continuity Check and Smokestopper Check
10:19 Flight Controller Positioned On Stack
12:12 Connect ESC with Flight Controller
16:01 Video transmitter Install
16:33 Receiver Install
17:26 Bind Receiver
18:48 Connect Camera
21:35 External Microphone Install
23:43 Secure Microphone, Receiver, & Reassemble Frame
26:33 Secure Motor Wires
27:29 Secure Receiver Antennae
29:09 Props & Prop Nuts
32:35 Weigh-In Build Complete !
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