How to FPV – FLOW EDITION12:20

What is Flow? How do you get it? In this FPV trick theory video I discuss the different styles of flying FPV Drones and show with stick cam how to accomplish a few different styles of flight, I also show you how to set up your quad and rates to optimize for the style of your choice.

Tmotor Quad and Ovonic GIVEAWAY:
New ImpulseRC Mount for APEX
5.1×3.1 Props from video-
PB&J Props-
TBS Tracer –

IN STOCK – ImmersionRC Ghost BG

My 5′ Drone PARTS:
Frame Apex
Lighter Apex Screw Kit
Best Lipo for the Price
Best Lipo Period
4s Lipo
Cut your own Landing Pads
Sorbothane For Lipo Pad
Hero8 Mount
Hero 5/6/7/8 Camera Butter ND FILTERS
Session ND Filter
Jello Guard for Hero8 Mount
Smaller Capacitor I Use Now

All Drones use this STACK: (probably the best stack ever)
BRAIN 20×20 FC- (Unbelievably good)
AIKON 32bit 20×20 6s ESC (unpoppable)
Harness to Connect them easily πŸ™Œ
Unbelievably Versatile 20×20 RUSH 800mw VTX

Transmitter and ALL Upgrades
FPV Screen
Bigger Better Lipo
Stick Ends
Smoother gimbals
Crsf Module Lipo
Transmitter Stand

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