Maiden DJI FPV Flight, by a long time FPV pilot03:02

I am a long time hobbyist and have been building and racing quads since 2015. This is my first flight on the DJI FPV drone! I am still getting used to the odd stick feel which is a bit different than a non-DJI drone, but I thought it was pretty easy to pick up (I have also flown both the Phantom and Mavic in the past).

My reason for getting this? In late 2020 I got the DJI V1 goggles and those were a game changer. I think the FPV drone is one as well.This is is a great drone if you are looking for a long range cruiser with AMAZING video quality. The video is clearer and longer range than using V1 Goggles with an air unit.

I wouldn’t recommend racing it, and because of all the recent reviews of people breaking the arms. I will check out manual mode in the near future, and once I know I can buy replacement arms.

All footage was filmed in Northwest Ohio.

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