Making an Inexpensive FPV Micro Indoor Racing Drone12:17

This video shows how to make an inexpensive FPV micro indoor racing drone, commonly called a tiny whoop, or just whoop. FPV stands for First Person View and means you can fly the drone from an onboard camera as if you were in the pilot’s seat. It is fairly easy to build and does not take very long. Included is a short history and explanation about these whoops.

—–Table of Contents—–
0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Why whoops are great
0:49 – What is a tiny whoop?
1:22 – Types of whoops and micro FPV cameras
3:29 – Summary of how to build the FPV whoop
4:33 – Unboxing an Eachine micro drone
7:17 – Removing a damaged camera/vtx and soldering on a new one
9:23 – Attaching camera/vtx with mirror tape

—Inexpensive indoor drones—
The basic one:
Santa drone (has bigger motors):
Another Santa drone (has bigger motors):

—Micro Camera / VTX (Video Transmitter) Combos—
Good one with vertical antenna:
Another good one with vertical antenna:
My favorite, split version:

—Double sided mirror tape—
My favorite kind:

—If you need goggles—
The cheapest worth getting:
My favorite cheapest:
If you wear glasses:
The cheapest non-box style goggles worth getting:
The best (but will also need a receiver module):
The best receiver module for goggles that require one:
Good, less expensive receiver module:


—Battery Voltage Tester—
Slightly bigger, but much better:

—Soldering iron—
Inexpensive, but good:
This one is awesome:


—Hobby knife—

—Transmitter (Controller)—
Less expensive transmitter that can control many types of drones:
If you already have a transmitter with the correct type of module bay, you can use this module to control many types of drones:
Better transmitter that has a module bay:

—Want to just buy a whoop that already works?—
Camera comes already attached:
Better whoop with camera attached:
A great brushless whoop:

—Want a complete setup totally ready to go with everything you need?—
Good whoop: (click “With Goggles” version)
My favorite: (click “RTF” version; means “Ready To Fly”)

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