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This movie was entirely shot with FPV drones in February 2020. Flying in those extreme conditions proved to be a real challenge for both of us! We did develop a drone specially adapted to those very high winds, 100% humidity and salt corrosion environment: a long range unique beast, overpowered, tailored for Nazaré. We’ll talk more about the machine in time: stay tuned! We did several trips to Nazaré, where we met, spent time, and befriended mad surfers and jetski, security and SAR crews. We did learn a lot. To all of them, a big thank you; it is such an incredible experience to witness you defy logic, tame gravity, and capture those epic moments. We hope that through the FPV eye we can bring a different point of view, translating the sheer speed, power, and feeling of being launched in towin, surf some of the biggest, meaniest waves on the planet. Love, Red and Nilsen

Sound design: NilsenFpv

Film : Red and Nilsen

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Kalani Lattanzi
Michelle Des Bouillons
Nic Von Rupp
Justine Dupont
Kai Lenny
Italo Ferreira
Lucas Chianca
Pedro Scooby
Carlos Burle
Maya Gabeira
Fred David
Andrew Cotton
João de Macedo
Sebastien Steutner
Ian Consenza
Caio Vaz
Garrett MacNamara
Alemão de Maresias
Sergio Cosme
Laird Hamilton
Benny Ferris
Dino Carmo
Iankel Noronha
Jokke Sommer
Bruno Valente
Otavio Rauter
Ian Walsh
Rodrigo Koxa
Martin Schricke
Renan Vignoli
Laurent Pujol
Antonio Cardoso

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