Skywalker Smart FPV Wing Maiden FPV Flight Crossing the River09:58

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This is the maiden FPV Flight on SkyWalker Smart. It flies smooth and offers very good cruise speeds. As it was very first FPV Flight and I needed to see how my old little Autopilot behaves, I kept the plane close by but could not resist crossing the river and back. Enjoy the maiden FPV Flight with onboard RunCam 3 Video.

Skywalker Smart, all new Dual Rotor FPV Flying wing kit. Offering a 996mm Wing Span, this kit is very easy to put together and it flies superb. It offers plenty of power if you put in dual 2100kv to 2300kv motors, plenty of speed and a smooth flight for you to enjoy flying short range to mid range FPV Flights. Good thing about this coming as a kit is that you can prepare it according to your own choice. If you want Speed, FPV Racing and agility you can go with motors of 2600kv, 4S to 6S Capable ESCs and 5 inch 3 Blade Propellers to get ultra high speed thrilling flights and FPV Racing. If you want to fly slow and calm and want longer flight times, you can put in 800kv to 1500kv motors to spin bigger propellers and enjoy flying for longer times, go for mid range FPV. You can even put in a 5s to 6s capable power combo and take off vertical. As mentioned choice is your on how to prepare this kit and what do you need this kit to serve. Kit comes with two types of top covers for you to install FPV or Box HD Cameras. Having two motors, you can find flight controllers that offer differential thrust setup and add more control to your FPV Wing flights. The only thing I dislike about this kit is the fuselage space that is just tiny. There isn’t much space to mount much of your gear. You may end up installing your FPV gear outside the fuselage. Overall its a good plane and flies really very well. Check out the Build and maiden flights on my channels. Can’t wait to go for FPV on this plane.

You can order the plane here

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