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14th flight of my FPV modded Freewing SU-35 model airplane.

The video shows the flight in split screen as seen from the outside and as seen by the pilot through the FPV goggles. Both videos are synchronized in real-time. There is no time-altering in this video.

This foam jet plane has been featured with a FeiYu-Tech FY-41AP autopilot unit that allows the model plane to be used as a UAV.
The same unit provides the OSD seen on the FPV window.

This jet is well known for its supermaneuverability features, that are a result of a good aerodynamic design coupled with the use of thrust vectoring nozzless.

The pilot displays a few post-stall maneuvers using the TV nozzles that would be otherwise impossible to perform with a normal jet aircraft.

Music by Ethan Meixsell.
Airfield: RACBSA

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