Third Person Drift

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Huge thanks to Red Bull and UADR for making this project possible!

Tommy was invited to help with Red Bull’s Drift Drone Synergy project, where he and top drift champ Alex Grinchuk attempted to drift via FPV. That’s right. Tommy flew from inside the drift car while Alex drove from the view of the drone. WHAT?!

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-RR Pilots / Hosts-
Tommy Tibajia [UmmaGawd]
Chad Nowak [FinalGlideAUS]
Kevin Dougherty [StingersSwarm]
Carlos Puertolas [Charpu]
Drew Camden [Le Drib]

-Production Team-
Chad Kapper – Executive Producer
Tommy Tibajia – Producer / Camera
Christian Kapper – Editor
Maksim Podakov – Camera
Illya Dashyvets – Camera / Producer
Lushyn Films

Future Forward
By: Score Squad

Something New
By: Joakim Karud

And in Her Self-Loathing and Despair, She Found Wrath
By: LulzA
(Chrono Trigger Remix)

By: The Universe Express

The Plague
By: graves & Rickyxsan

New Leaf
By: Nightime Burnout & Inktome

By: Tobu

Tokyo Subway
By: Peter McIsaac Music

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