Top Six FPV Drone Racing Beginner Mistakes

Here is my list of the top six mistakes that people make when they get into FPV Drone Racing.

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    1. Rhino The Awesome
    2. DenisINA FPV
    3. Les DeFoor
    4. Optic
    5. Ed Burnette
    6. Colin Evans
    7. CesarSalad
    8. Dale Dyer
    9. Jack Truong
    10. Jack Truong
    11. Wayne Kinne
    12. Tony “Doc” Dallalio
    13. Tony “Doc” Dallalio
    14. Aaron Freel
    15. pjviegas
    16. Ac3inSpac3
    17. Daniel Knight
    18. Racerflea FPV

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