How many (cold) hatch backs fit on track? Scrap car endurance challenge15:01

THE NEXT EVENT IS SUNDAY 25th AUGUST! Tickets £10 at the gate! Get involved!

The guys at Driftland did their Microcup series in 2018 which was an absolute hoot, but pretty crashy and definitely not something we could allow the general public to get injured in. How could we make it available to the masses? An Endurance race with a cash prize! So, 4 hours of racing, 3 man teams, £200 cars with 1.4 or smaller engines and a grid of 25 drivers. Crash too much and you lose laps on track – every car is recording their progress using the Hotlap app – so everyone can see who is winning and by how much! With penalties for unsporting behaviour and teams balancing pit changes with fuel reserves, it was a tough race and full of hillarity!

The next one is FULLY BOOKED and is on the 25th August – it’s going to be a brilliant spectator day – tickets at the gate £10 – racing from 1.30pm-5.30pm – see the facebook event for more details:

Check the hotlap app out on Google Play: Driftland is a registered tack!

What Gear did we use making this video?

Go Pro Hero 7:
Go Pro Suction Cup Mount (really good!):
Go Pro Mounting Frame/Cage:
Sony Handycam with MEGAZOOM!:
SanDisk 64GB MicroSD for the reliables:
Spare Blades for Jeek’s Drone!!:

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