The Incredibly Good SJRC F11 Unbox Flight Test Video34:13

The SJRC F11 is a 5G brushless quadcopter that allows for longer flights from a distance perspective and from a battery life perspective too. The full flight time of this quadcopter is meant to be 25 mins so we will have to see if that is accomplished or not.
In this very long video we unbox the quadcopter first, looking at the design of the quadcopter, then gazing onto the brushless motors, turning our head to the transmitter and giving a nod to the manual as well as accessoires that come with it too. Then we take to the skies for a savage flight, a bit of waypoints as well as some full screen raw video footage, a flight over the trees and then to some speed tests in the various speed modes. There is only one question i have; will this quadcopter cut it?

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