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In this week’s drone news update, Greg discusses the new DJI Digital FPV system, the new version of the FAA’s B4UFLY app designed by KittyHawk, a microdrone that smells toxic gases to help humans, #dronesforgood, and a (somewhat) new LAANC provider for Part 107 remote pilots.

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DJI FPV Drone Racing Gear
DJI released its Digital FPV System this week.While they is no clear indication yet, this is likely a move to enter the Drone Racing market. The system is designed to provide high quality goggle experience, which includes a 1080/60fps or 720/120fps, 150° ultra wide lens, FPV camera and 720, 120fps goggles, 28ms end-to-end latency. Priced between $820 and $930, available as pre-order. https://dronelife.com/2019/07/31/dji-fpv-drone-racing-gear/

FAA and KittyHawk update B4UFLY app
On Wednesday, the FAA released a long-awaited update to its B4UFLY app. It worked with KittyHawk, one of the LAANC provider, to update the look and feel. The app is designed to help pilots, mostly recreational, to determine which airspace surrounds them. It is color coded: Green: good, Orange: warning, Red: No Go. No ability to submit LAANC requests, this still needs to go through a provider like KittyHawk or Skyward.

A microdrone that can smell toxic gases
35 grams drone (weight of a light bulb) designed by the Barcelona’s Institute for Bioengineering in Catalonia. It is equipped with a gas sensors capable of registering carbon monoxide, methane and other organic volatile compounds including ethanol, acetone and benzene. Great application after natural disasters to determine if a building is contaminated

Altitude Angels provides LAANC for free
Part 107 Commercial Operators can now submit LAANC requests via https://dronesafetymap.com
Altitude Angels is a UK based Unmanned Traffic Management company (UTM). They were approved as a LAANC provider by the FAA in October last year.

Matt Hinman who is a graduate from my online test prep course, is working with the West Texas Drone Workshop group and they put together one-day networking events that don’t break the bank. If you’re in Texas or in the area, check out their website at https://www.txdrone.club/ for more information about the event. They will have an FAA rep talking about LAANC and airspace authorization and you will be able to network with other industry professionals.
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