Emax TinyHawk Micro Indoor FPV Drone 1S TinyWhoop18:08

The Emax Tiny Hawk may possible be the best micro indoor FPV Drone Racer for people just starting out in quad racing. The TinyHawk by Emax is priced right and is alot of drone for the price.

This Emax TinyHawk is packed with features which you normally only see in the larger more expensive quads. Using a 450mAh 1S pack, we had best results with the GNB 450mAh 1S lipo.

Make sure you watch till the end where we do a speed test / radar gun test, take it a part, and just ramble on this quad.

The TinyHawk is super light making this an ideal FPV Drone to fly indoors. Be sure to pick up several sets of props and extra battery packs as you will have a blast flying this quad, but keep in mind the props tend to fly off.

Drone Link (Emax TinyHawk

GNB 450mAh 1S Lipo (best lipo we have flown at a great price)

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