Death of My Wizard X220S Quad – Firey Crash11:40

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My Wizard X220S flying perfectly, no issues at all and suddenly it barrels out of the sky and thumps into the ground. I am unsure whether the ESC burnt up in the air and that’s why it rolled and crashed or whether something else like a dud motor caused the crash and the ESC caught fire on impact, I really have no idea? If you have an idea of what may have caused this I’d be keen to hear your thoughts. I really like the Wizard X220S and want to stick with it, the problem is I can solder but soldering in all these wires to replace the FC and the ESC would be too much for my skills. I have bought another ARTF Wizard X220S to replace this one and I will use this one for parts. My problem is, what do I do if it happens again? A couple of clues, firstly I let the Quad sit for a few mins until the props and beeper started twitching, I was waiting for the cloud to clear to get a decent bright video, I wonder if it overheated on the ground? The other thing I realized after was one of the motors (front left) won’t free spin like the other 3, that is in the video. I wonder if the motor caused the crash and the ESC burnt up on impact, I really don’t know and probably never will, I just want to avoid this happening again as I can’t keep buying a new Quad every time it has a major!

If you have an idea of the cause I’d be pleased to hear from you. I am only 6 months into flying FPV and Quads, loving it but not that experienced with the electrics and issues that can happen. I know ESC’s can burn up but I want to know why mine did what it did in this video.

Quadcopter: Wizard X220S
Goggles: Aomway Commanders
Lipo: Tattu 1550mah/4S/75C
TX: FlySky i6X

Filmed in Taupaki, Auckland, New Zealand on 23rd July, 2018.

Filmed with 4 Cameras:
2x Ground Based HD Cameras
DVR Goggle Footage – FPV
Mobius Onboard HD Camera

Picture in Picture and synced to display both Line Of Sight view and Quad View.


If you want to see a real fiery crash check out my mates unreal video of his Wizard T215 literally on fire with huge flames, he has to stomp on his quad to put the fire out. Another ESC disaster, lol. It’s worth a look, here it is:

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