DJI Mini 2 First Impressions? The ULTIMATE Beginner Drone10:11

DJI Mini 2 First Impressions? The ULTIMATE Beginner Drone!
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I’ve never had a drone.
Never flown a drone.
To be honest, they scare me.
I have been convinced that they would be too hard for me to learn how to fly.
I thought it would be too restrictive to find places to fly it.
I thought Id lose it or crash it because I would just be so rubbish at flying it.
I have no time to learn how to fly a drone.
It will take far too long before I get any decent footage.
How wrong could I be? Very wrong.
If any of this sounds like you, then DJI have made a drone just right for you, and for me too.
Let me tell you why I finally decided to get a drone, and check out my dji mini 2 first flight.
And I’ll drop you a couple of hidden great features too which I didn’t know about until I actually started using the drone yesterday.
#DJIMini2 #Mavicmini2 #MakeYourMomentsFly
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