lhi 240 quadcopter build love this quad1:46:19


this is the best drone ive ever flown built owed it has the great motors escs flight contrller frame its all great and i want to buy anouther one just to do anouther build and def will soon! plz understand that this is my first build video and i did my best ! but i was up 48 hours to finish this build and was not sure how to edit it so i did my best and also i admit some info isnt correct . for example i had to use the procces of elimination to find the correct port and uart to get the esc and the reciver and the frsky smart port setup but i figured it out . i basicly winged it to try to sound like i knew al of what i was doing and for the most part i did know what i was doing wrong but i was so exited to do this build and ws rather tired and not thinking correctly with the exitment f the build and hoping that i can make a video that might show somone smthing in this video tat could help them ! anyway hope its an ok video and any questions feel free to comment and also sorri but i smoke a lot of cigs if u didnt notice in my video lol. but i hope to do more build videos soon and hopfully people actually watch some f them at east and i promis to keep learning better ways to do a beter vido for the builders out there so thanks for watching and happpy building all !:)

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