Racerstar RS35Av2 BLHeli-S ESCs, on JJRC P200, from www.banggood.com03:56

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Finally got this Racerstar RS35Av2 ESCs review out!
I’ve had these for quite a while now on the JJRC P200, but couldn’t solve the yaw oscillation issue until recently.
It’s gone away after swapping to a F3 flight controller, but then again it might just have been a bad FC mounting initally (one of the nuts was a bit loose)

These ESCs always come down cool (not even warm), and the EMAX Redbase 2205 2300kVs are holding up really well too!

Do watch the video!
There’s some jello in the FPV cam but none of it in the HDcam, so the problems are definitely gone.
There’s still some bounceback, so definitely there’s more to tune.
I only managed 8.3s last weekend, but this quad is currently my fastest quad around the Hiillview Hotlap!

Find the Racerstar RS35Av2 ESCs here:

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Get the JJRC P200 here:

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