Arduino DRONE II Part 2 IMU and PID22:48

Please forgive me, the PID isn’t workink well yet… I hope this is usefull and that you could learn something.
In the past video series we’ve used the MultiWii platform for the flight controller. Now I want to make my own code for the flight controller.
In this second part we combine the PWM signals from the receiver (part 1) with the IMU data and create the PID control.

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FuriBee X215 PRO:
Crealitu CR10:
Anet E10:
4k XIAOMI drone:

Webpage tutorial:
PID video:
PID webpage:
Previous series:
Drone build webpage:
STL files:
Joop Brokking videos:

Full part list:

Arduino NANO:
LIPO battery:
ESC 12A:
1804 brushless motor:
5030 propellers:
LIPO connectors:
Slide switch:

Drone body: DIY :
Or :

Full schematic:
One axis schematic: _axis_schematic.png
ESC calibrate:
Lipo connection:
Propeller spin direction:

Gyro read:
Acc read:
Full angle read:
ONE axis flight controller:
TWO axis flight controller:

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