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Gearbest’s gotten them too now!

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Introducing the Babyhawk R, made by racers for racers.
-High Speed power system featuring RS1106 and the Avan Micro
-FC/ESC AIO – Mini Magnum Tower
-112mm Carbon Fiber Frame
-Only weighs 82.8 grams
-Customizable Shell Canopy with adjustable camera positions
-Pre-tuned Betaflight Firmware for optimized flight performance
-OSD integrated with Low-Voltage detection
-40 Channel 5.8g VTX switchable 25/200mw 
-Compatible with EMAX Transmitter/Goggles/Accessories
-Utilizes Micro CCD Sensor Camera
-Accepts 3-4 cell LiPo batteries


Babyhawk Race Key Features

-Light weight carbon fiber frame with impact resistant plastic canopy available in several colors
-Strong 3mm arms with lower profile arms to reduce drag.
-Integrated flight controller vibration dampening system for a smoother and more locked in feeling flights

-Powered by the new Magnum Mini tower system with F3 FC + 4 in 1 12A BLHELI S ESC 3-4s
-Betaflight Firmware 3.2.X with comes pre tuned at the factory for optimized flight performance
-Class leading Emax RS1106 6000kv brushless motors paired with the new Avan 2” quad blade propeller for maximum speed and control.

-650TVL Micro CCD camera with tuned profiles for different light condition. CCD is preferred by more pilots over CMOS for its better handling of high contrast lighting and resistance to “jello” in your flight video.
– Canopy has adjustable camera positions so pilot can tune for track speed and size.
– 40 Channel 5.8g VTX with LED info display and switchable transmission power from 25/200mw

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