Bird attack on Syma X5C quadcopter during flight02:41

Its Spring and the magpies become more aggressive than normal. This magpie was fine with people walking and sleeping under it but goes terminator on my quadcopter.

Watch this video to the end as it gets more interesting! Playing dead just makes things worse. At the end of the video the quadcopter is upside down and the camera shakes around. That isn’t me, its the magpie biting a propeller guard and trying to break it with a violent shake.

Amazingly this quad is able to take a beating and self stabilize. Not bad for a toy quadcopter.

I decided to cut the flight short as the wind was quite strong [see the water fountain at the beginning of the video], plus the trees were getting close and the bird attacks were getting bad.

To see how easy it is to lose and destroy a quad see my other videos:

Wind speed = 32-41km/h (20-25 mi/h).

The bird is an Australian magpie.

The Syma X5C is unmodified and has all the propeller guards and landing protector installed. Flying with 100% battery charge and in High speed mode.

Standard disclaimer: Do not try this at home. New and inexperienced flyers should avoid strong wind. Ensure plenty of landing area. Avoid flying near obstacles such as trees, water, people and angry birds.

No animals or quadcopters were harmed in the making of this video.

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