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I’m excited to announce a new ESC from one of my favorite sponsors Hobbywing! This new 60a is a little beast of a board. Its been designed and built to be as reliable as possible. Handling any and all kinds of builds.

I’ve been testing this ESC on a plethora of builds over the past few months, and it really does live up to what it was designed to do. The original I got months and months ago still works, its what I filmed a lot of mountain cruising with. I also have this ESC in a basher 5″ rigs that have crashed 9999 times, still flies fine! It even handles the abuse of being in a racer, taking gate hits like a champ.

In my attempts to kill the ESC I even tried putting it into a 10″ build. Big ol 3214 motors, as you can see in the video. It handles that no problem too, I would not recommend that as a build. But it was a great way to test the reliability of the ESC.

Lets not forget about the solder tabs. The 60a ESC has both a connector and solder tabs, so no matter your flavor. You can wire up the board however you please.

Dshot 1200 capable
5v/.6a Regulator
Size: 52x42x6.6mm
Weight: 15g

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