Riding With the Wind – Quadcopter ~143 kmh top speed

Beautiful first day of the year. Wind gusts make the top speed of ~143 km/h possible 😀
I had some issues with my 3DR reception and got some wired stuff on my flight logs at the end. I guess I need to place my “ground station” (3DR rx) higher.

.kmz file:

BlackMamba 375 (V1)
MultiWii PRO Ez3.0 Blacked MAG Edition
Fatshark Attitude SD (600 mW transmitter + Bluebeam Ultra)
FrSky Taranis
HQ Prop 9×4.5 SF Carbon Composite
3S 3300 mAh battery
Mobius wide lens cam
Multiwii EZ-GUI + 3DR radio

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    2. Justin Peeples (Scotty0717)

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