Great Beginner Racing Drone Quadcopter Floureon Racer 250 Review (GEARBEST.COM)

Could this be the best beginner RTF FPV Racing Quadcopter Package? This is a flight review of the Floureon Racer Quadcopter.
I think this package is such a deal around $270. Its even less right now! You get everything you need as a true rtf fpv experience. It provides such a great flying experience. Stable mode works very well and horizon and full acro allows some one to be able to grow with this quadcopter. You can even upgrade for 4s and tri blade props and this quad can handle it due to this having 20amp esc’s and a naze32 flight controller. Its such a nice all around package that as a beginner can really grow with. I like that the fpv screen is not a goggle as it will allow a beginner to be able to easily transition from fpv to line of sight flying. The leds on this one are super bright and are awesome to help tell orientation.
My cons with this one is that the instructions are terrible and there is no proper charger for the fpv screen so you will have to come up with a way to charge the screen. Aside from that this package is such a sweet package and I wish I could have flown this quadcopter 6 months ago when I first started getting into fpv flying. It would have been such a better quadopcter to learn racing with. I think with this quadcopters smooth flying and balanced power its such a great option for a beginner and when I say that i mean some one who has experience with quadcopters looking to get a racing quadcopter. Although I would not sway this away from experienced pilots either as its a very fun flyer and such an overall Value!!

Get it here at gearbest!

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