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Maybe you recall my first video of the year ( featuring pretty extreme air to air footage of the Su-35, uh?
Well, we’re going back there again! 😀

Here’s some more of that crazy aerial video of the Freewing Su-35 performing mind-boggling maneuvers in the sky, filmed from a racing quadcopter! Tuckie and I were training hard on flight planning and formation flying coordination in order to be able to bring you these crazy close-up shots of the Sukhoi doing crazy physics-defying aerobatics without endangering ‘too much’ our models, hope you appreciate (but most importantly enjoy) the effort!

I am afraid that the mighty YouTube Algorithm will not give this video the visibility it deserves but if this is not viral-worthy content, you tell me what is! PLEASE share it with your friends and foes so I get a better chance of growing and reaching more people! 😉

On this occasion, Tuckie chases my non-FPV Freewing Su-35 (Lyuda) with his FPV Hawk racer quad. The videos were taken with a GoPro7 which makes the footage look super clean and stable despite the usual vibrations and oscillations/ in-flight corrections of a quadcopter.

Best regards and thank you for sticking around and enjoying my content! 🙂

These were Lyuda’s flights 166th to 169th.

Quad pilot: Ernest Tuckie
Jet pilot: Alejandro Ibáñez
Music: Meteor

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