2 Minutes Crash in 2014 – Quadcopter – Mini Quad FPV – Naze32 – KK2 – Cobra – Drone – Gopro – Fail02:14

I wanted to compile 1 minute of some of my favourite quadcopter crashes in 2014, but somehow I added extra and it became a two minutes video. There are just simply too many crashes I had last year 😀
The animation intro of this video is made using paint, which was fun to do. Footage filmed with GoPro and Mobius Camera.

I used FPV250 and ZMR250 mini quad frames in 2014, both are good value frames athough not the toughest. A couple of them didn’t survive the torture, but it’s cheap enough to replace and rebuild.

Not all crashes were pilot errors: 0:46 was an ESC issue, 0:59 was a Flight controller issue (rain – wet), 1:02 was a radio issue (lost signal), 1:50 was a FPV camera issue (blinded by sunlight).

So far only broke 2 arms which costed me £5 to replace. Very happy with this frame 😀

Mini Quad used: http://blog.oscarliang.net/cf-250-frame-mini-quadcopter-build-blackout/

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